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How to make $100 per day online



For a lot of people, knowing how to make $100 per day online is like a holy grail - it's a decent amount of money, and it's definitely enough as a job-replacing amount.

I mean, who wouldn't want to know the secrets of making $100 per day online - all while sipping our coffee in our pajamas?

And the biggest upside of figuring out how to make that $100 per day online? That number can be scaled infinitely to $1,000, or even $10,000 a day online, if you learn to scale it right.

In a recent study, working in the gig economy [basically working online freelance jobs] accounts for more than 40% of those who consider it their primary source of income.

statistics of people making money online

In another poll by Upwork, 57.3 million people freelance in the U.S. It’s estimated that by 2027 there will be 86.5 million freelancers.

making money online statistics from upwork

Click for a larger image!

So it's actually becoming increasingly clear that people are slowly transitioning away from the typical 9-5 work ethic, and moving slightly more toward the gig economy, where the only important output is getting work done rather than being at a physical location.

While all the statistics and charts look nice, how do we actually get started? 

Before we get our heads in the clouds with 4 digits (or even 3 digits) and above, let's see how we can make even $1 online first.

This guide is mainly for beginners who are new to making money online - it's a very daunting task, but a great first step in the right direction away from a job that you hate.

Even if you do enjoy your 9-5 (there's really nothing wrong with that!), who would say no to making extra money online, and learning the skills to do that?

For the more experienced visitors, a lot of these are already known to you - but it's my hope that you'll also get some takeaway from this guide.

Let's get started.


desk with laptop making images

This method, of course, is the quickest way to get started. Freelancing your skills and services in any economy is one of the fastest ways to start, especially if your skill is easily taken online, especially programming or writing.


You can honestly freelance anything that you're skilled at - writing, programming, design work (logos, CAD models, etc)

In this case, if there's a market for your skill set, you'll be able to find it.

Of course, the most common freelance jobs online involve writing articles and creating content, but we'll get to that topic in a bit.


Freelance work online can also be very lucrative, if you're talented at both your skill set, and marketing yourself to the world on your skill set.

This works extremely well in conjunction with any freelance portfolio that you have on display.

EDIT: During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, being a freelancer is even more important, as many companies switch to online services or eCommerce services.

Of course, as stated above, freelance work online can also help to supplement any income you already get from a job, or can mean a difference between missing a rent payment, or becoming homeless.

Either way, freelancing can really be a lifesaver and become more than what you expect yourself to do.


There are quite a few ways to do it: one of the easiest ways to start is to join free freelancing sites like Fiverr, or Upwork.

The plus side? There are tons of jobs available on the websites, and there is no shortage of them either - As of this writing, Upwork has 129,387 jobs available, with over 4 million visits a month.

gif of number of jobs in upwork

This can translate to a lot of potential freelance jobs online, and you'll have quite a few choices and categories to choose from.


Also, these sites offer freelance jobs online for beginners. Great design, and intuitive to begin. These sites also are beginner friendly, so you won't get lost inside. 

As a plus point, a ton of companies live solely online (i.e. no physical shops or stores) and so these companies also take their jobs and roles online.

Another great plus point is also that the more seasoned a freelancer you are, (as well as creating a personal brand for yourself), the more likely it is people are going to come to  you to get their freelance job done.

That's simply because people have heard of you, and know of your skills and talents.

That's how people get the lion's share of gigs and jobs - that's also how people will KEEP spreading your fame around.


The downside? It's super competitive.

For a majority of the companies, hiring only the best talent will do, and the best paying jobs are usually secured by people with an extensive portfolio under their belt already.

So... Unless you have a decent portfolio already done, or are willing to do some work for portfolio (link to 'why you should do work for free when starting'), you might be a little hard-pressed to find gigs.

Another downside is that when you're just starting out, you will find that most of the gigs will be low-paying, low hanging fruit that no one wants.

This isn't a bad way to build a decent portfolio while getting paid a little, and at least you'll be on your way to making $100 a day online while having a job.

But as a silver lining, competitive freelance sites teach you quite a few valuable skills - most importantly of them all is in learning how to stand out.

If you can stand out, even if you're a beginner, you will gain the lion's share of gigs, and even attract the attention of the bigger companies inside that pay well.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Another viable way would also be a Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant is basically a person who is a remote office assistant - someone who is skilled in the administrative, clerical and support service.

 Virtual assistants are invaluable to the boss of a one-man company, and you'll find that a good virtual personal assistant is always in demand. 

While there are AI virtual assistants, but even those cannot win a skilled, competent human virtual assistant.

If you have enough capacity, being a virtual assistant to two or three companies online (which you can also find on Upwork and  on can easily net you a very respectable $100 a day online.

In short, give these sites a try - you might find your very first freelance job and build from there!

VA stats

Other methods of freelancing that might not necessarily be online

"But what if i'm not good enough for writing/coding/etc? Does that mean I can't find freelance jobs online or can't make money online?"

Fear not. Upwork and Fiverr are only 2 websites for these jobs. There are other sources as well - don't forget that there are some jobs that require your physical presence there.

For example, driving Uber or Lyft is a way of making money both physically AND online (your bookings are

Yeah, I get that it's not exactly a method of 'online money making', but it is covered under the way of making a $100 a day. So it gets honorary mention.

Some jobs that require both physical presence AND online presence would include dog sitting, babysitting, and even selling used stuff on eBay or craigslist. The list could be endless if you really, really look hard enough online.

Besides, freelancing work like this can also help net you extra cash to develop new skills that can eventually let you take your skills and services online.


Depending on your skill with word of mouth marketing, this is a viable way to get clients and make a decent amount of money online.

This method works well for people who are well connected, or are great at selling themselves to a target audience.

I can hear it already: "but wait man, i'm not well connected or a great speaker! Does it mean it won't work for me?"

Well, it can still work, but it's just a little harder to do. This usually means you'll have to go to more events in your local area (Using MeetUp is a great way to start finding events that are close to you!)

Also, examine some companies today - let's take Google for example.

Google started off as a small startup, and grew rapidly when people had good things to say about its search engine capabilities (which was huge in the late nineties, where they had to contend with the big players like Yahoo and AOL)

Slowly, word of mouth spread that they had a superior engine, and allowed ads (which became the basis of a lot of companies' revenue later on) which made other businesses grow rapidly as well.

Fast forward a few decades, and here we have Google, a company that's now literally too big to fail, and it all started because of one thing: word-of-mouth marketing. 

effectiveness of word of mouth marketing

Nielsen report that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.

EDIT: During this COVID-19 situation, a lot of events have been moved online, so it makes the accessibility far, far easier. You don't even need to drive down anymore!

For the rundown on word of mouth advertising, you need to meet a few requirements already:

  • You have at least a small portfolio 

  • You have your own company (it can be an LLC, or a sole proprietorship, depending on your country and state jurisdiction

  • You have a couple of testimonials to your name.

Let's analyse the three bullet points above.

"You have at least a small portfolio"

A portfolio is easily one of the best ways to have word of mouth promotion - because your work is already there for people to see. Preferably, online where everyone that you meet or get recommended can see your work.

If you have portfolio pieces but are not online, you might consider starting to host a WordPress site just so you can showcase your work to the world 

Of course, if your starting clients are family and friends who already know you well, then a portfolio may not be entirely necessary - especially if you make it clear to them that you're just starting out and want to build your own portfolio [build article about just starting out and portfolio]

In that case, then tat would be a great start for you building your portfolio.

"You have your own company"

This bullet point is more for a legal standpoint than anything else - many small business owners and promotional sites require that you have legal, legitimate business before they want to do business with you - or they also risk getting into trouble with the law and tax returns.​

But that is a legal issue, and not a topic that will be covered (it's seriously a lot of legal issues!)

Again, it doesn't really matter too much if you're starting out with family and friends who are willing to give you a shot (unless they tell you that you do need one)

"You have a couple of testimonials to your name"

This bullet point ties in really well with the portfolio bullet point:

Having these two combined would be a very positive showcase that you're capable of delivering what you promised, and is the best representation of what word of mouth marketing is all about - people telling the world that you're an excellent provider of service, and are worth the money and effort.

sample testimonial from Web Rat Consulting

example of a testimonial


Word of mouth marketing is quite possibly one of the best ways to get started in any business and in any field, and the advantages are many:

  1. Testimonials and portfolios are the best way to showcase your work, as well as happy customer reviews.

    This one is important because no business thrives on bad reviews and poor quality work.

    An article on the importance of testimonials can be found here - in summary, testimonials are formal forms of expression that support your content/skill/service.  

    And because it's in a public domain, everyone can see the skill and effort you put into crafting an executing your service for the customer.

    One additional step that you can take is to ask the person to write a testimonial whilst signed into their social media (like Facebook) - this further adds a layer of trust, since everyone can now see it's coming from a real, verified person. 

  2. Once the testimonials come in, your happy customers might bring in MORE customers via referral. AKA, Word of mouth recommendations.

    This is the true power of word of mouth marketing - when people who know and trust you, convert other potential clients into knowing and trusting you with their business, or problem that they need solved.

    You become their primary go-to, and you become a person in authority in your field. This leads to point 3, the most important of all.

  3. You become an authority figure.

    This is the final stage of word of mouth marketing - all the positive reviews and comments have turned your status into somewhat of a celebrity in this field.

    This means people will look to you for advice, and for business.

    In short, you no longer need to canvass and source for leads, because you've become the solution people want, and you can charge far more.

    Yes, by this phase, making $100 a day online may be too small a number for you! Your income at this phase would be in the THOUSANDS A DAY.  


Like freelancing, this method also has its own set of disadvantages, but not quite as limiting once you get around it:

  1. Any form of word of mouth referrals and promotions can be hard if you don't have the network capital.

    Basically, you on't know anyone who wants to start a business, or needs your help in relation to your skill set.

    That's fine, not everyone is born with family and friends who are entrepreneurial, or agreeable with what you want to do in life.

    A good way to mitigate this issue is... Well, go meet people. There are apps like MeetUp that host multiple events near you, and you can even choose to target what kinds of meetups you want to go to.

    Another great, but oft-overlooked method of finding groups is on Facebook.

    There are hundreds of these business groups, and you can join the ones that are in your city. Most cities have a Facebook group to join up.

    If your city doesn't, you have the honor of creating that group, and inviting people to join it.

    Your credibility in maintaining said group can inadvertently open up new doors for your business...

  2. You're an unknown player, and even with great testimonials.

    Sometimes people still won't take a chance on you even though you've proven your worth, in work and skill. That's okay.

    You can't win everyone over to your side, but you can definitely take this is a great learning point for personal branding and moving on.

    Once your personal brand is strong enough, you can win more people to your side, both in terms of business and your philosophy.

    Then, more people will take a chance on you.

  3. Smaller starting payout

    Most of the time, when you start out from word of mouth via friends and relatives without any testimonial or portfolio, you might take a smaller payout (or none at all). 

    While this doesn't exactly fit into our topic of making $100 a day online, the more important point in this is that you will have some form of delayed gratification, so that in the near future you'll be able to increase your fees once your personal branding and marketability increases. 

In conclusion, if you ever want to start a business and make $100 a day (and far, far beyond that amount daily), go with word of mouth marketing.

It's quite easily the best way to make more than $100 a day online, hands down, despite the initial difficulties you'll face.


WordPress, for those new to this, is one of the most commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world, and it's very easy to install and use.

According to the statistics in this website, WordPress actually takes more than 60% of the market share in the CMS market, and it also powers more than 30% of the world's websites.

Even this website you're reading this on is also powered by WordPress.

Wordpress logo

The key reasons why WordPress sites overpower and overtake the world as the most used CMS is very simple - it's the easiest to install on any website, and the WordPress marketplace contains well over 50,000 (!!) plugins to use, making WordPress sites supremely versatile.

That's right - you can use WordPress to host an eCommerce platform too, similar to Shopify.​

You can also customize your WordPress site to host courses, and even look like the Airbnb website, fully with similar functions and processes.

In short, it's just versatile and user-friendly, even to beginners.

While yes, there are websites that don't use WordPress and have very complex code and processes (the actual code behind the Airbnb website is very complex), almost no company requires that level of complexity unless they require very unique or custom features.

For example, Facebook is very massive under the hood and interface (the UI, or user interface) and requires huge, customized features that allow it to run searches, create groups, post thoughts, filter out spam accounts, etc. You get the gist.

However, unless you're planning on building the next Facebook or Twitter, you don't need such advanced, technical features and customized code.

If you're planning on just learning how to earn $100 a day online, you can just stick with WordPress 🙂

(psst. If you want to know more about the advanced technical stuff used by the world's tech giants, come on over here to have an introduction)

The reason WordPress is great is because it allows you to have a platform all your own, and it essentially functions as a blog. This is great, because it allows you to showcase your knowledge and content to the world.

To see how easy it is to set up, pop over here to learn how to build a WordPress site.

More importantly, you can learn to monetize your knowledge and content!

Here, hostingtribunal has created an extensive infographic on wordpress and it's statistics (careful, its REALLY BIG!)


The advantages are very numerous:

  1. It is super easy to set up and deploy to your website.

    You can quite literally do this in 5 minutes - no kidding.

    You can have a look at the complete tutorial on how to build a WordPress site here.
  2. It's free.

    This is probably one of the biggest reasons it's used so widely. 

    According to W3Techs, WordPress powers over 34% of the web!

    If WordPress wasn't free, the cost of building a website from scratch can run into the THOUSANDS.

    This is all before adding in your own content, and creating a back-end (a place to store your data)

  3. It's flexible.

    You can run WordPress to do nearly anything - from a simple blogging site, all the way to eCommerce and building out of your courses, you can basically create your world in WordPress.

    You can also create any, and every kind of landing page you please - for different industries and niches.

    Fun fact - did you know BBC America (a VERY BIG name) is running WordPress?

    Another fun fact - Bloomberg Professional is also running WordPress!
W3Techs wordpress usage trends


  1. WordPress can be sophisticated to modify.

    Sometimes you want to tweak something so it can run the way you want, but the code behind it is daunting - it's built in a language called php (personal home page) and can be notoriously hard to learn, even just to tweak a tiny piece of code.

  2. You might be reliant on plugins.

    This problem stems out of the first one - if you don't knwo how to code in php, you're reliant of plugins, which can also cause some issues -

    One, too many plugins WILL slow down your website a lot.

    Two, too many plugins can potentially crash your website.

    Three, not all plugins are free. Over time, it can build up (this is why when starting out, it's good to follow a specific set, and then branch out and explore once you get your basic setup running)

  3. It may not fulfill purpose-built functions.

    For example, Shopify is a platform that's built SOLELY FOR ECOMMERCE. It does one thing and one thing only - perform as an eCommerce platform.

    ​And it does it pretty damned well.

    While WordPress and it's plugins can do that too, it's not purpose-built for it - which means it may lose out to Shopify in terms of streamlining the workflow, as well as the speed of use.

sample of php code

not fun.

However, these issues are trivial - unless you require something very specialized and customized, WordPress more than makes up for it in terms of versatility and very closely replicated functions without the same cost.


This is a very important point - please read this carefully.

In the world of internet marketing (as well as learning how to make any money online, not just $100 a day online), learning how to build a WordPress site, as well as how to use WordPress is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to know.

Everything will revolve around your own site, so if there's any key takeaway from this article, it is to make sure you learn how to use WordPress right. Once you do, everything else will fall into place!

So please, visit this page and make sure that you set up your WordPress site properly, and learn to navigate within it!


Affiliate marketing is actually an extremely old form of marketing, dating back to 1989, when a company called PC Flowers & Gifts, which basically allowed for orders to be placed by the affiliates of the company (the affiliates are the one who sells the product on behalf of the company).

Basically, just think of affiliate marketers as salesmen of a particular company's products without being actually part of the company, and for every product they sell, they are paid a percentage of the profits.

Whenever anyone hears of affiliate marketing today, we all always hear of the Amazon affiliate marketing program, under the name Amazon Associates.​

amazon associates homepage snapshot

It's also one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world, with well over 2 million affiliates enrolled in the program!

This is how majority of affiliate marketers earn income online, by promoting products that are on Amazon itself, with a little tracker that tells Amazon that they recommended the product to the clicker, and credits them money for it.

Another famous website is called ClickBank. They've been around for a very long time, and they're also a reputable source of affiliate marketing jobs.

clickbank homepage snapshot

Sadly, as much as I would love to cover affiliate marketing here, it's simply too big a topic to cover here. 

However, I've written an extensive piece of what affiliate marketing is, and you can view it here.

However, I will be providing a summarized version of it here.


The key advantage of being a professional affiliate marketing is that you can promote any product that has an affiliate program, and once you're skilled enough in getting some sales, making $100 a day online is trivial.

There have been quite a few affiliate marketers online who make well over 5 digits a MONTH, and the top affiliate marketers in the world make 5 digits A DAY. 

clickbank earnings snapshot

Definitely possible to earn.

The advantages are clear - it is an excellent way to make great money online, and you only really need a laptop, and a decent internet connection.


The first and biggest disadvantage lay in the affiliate programs themselves.

For one, if the product you're promoting has poor marketing assets and copy or landing page, it doesn't matter how well your own copy and persuasion skills are, the product simply won't sell.

Thankfully, most affiliate programs in the market have learnt how to sell well, so this has become far less of an issue.

The second problem, and quite likely the biggest, is that if the affiliate program disappears, so does your profits.

For example, you've been making a decent income of a certain program.​

Suddenly, the SEC (or the Securities and Exchange Commission for the non-US folk reading) decides to intervene because the company that created the product has been suspected of fraud or some form of grand larceny.

Poof, there goes your profits from this program.

(The FTC, Federal Trade Commission could also intervene, as it did in 2000, issuing the Dot Com Disclosures)

My point is that, whichever country the affiliate program resides in could be busted in said country, also erasing any profits you could get from it. 

Also, thankfully, such issues are very rare, and once you've experienced the world of affiliate marketing long enough, these companies are easily identified and avoided.

 To be an effective affiliate marketer with access to high ticket affiliate programs, there are quite a fair amount of competencies needed.

Of course, these are covered in other articles, so go ahead and explore!

Some of the competencies that are required are as follows:

  • Skill in creating a WordPress site
  • Knowing about conversions, like:
    •  crafting proper landing pages
    • SEO and keyword research
    • Crafting email systems that convert
      • A subset is also to learn how to write emails that convert
    • Copywriting
    • Skill in spreading your content
      • Guest posting (for both exposure AND SEO - these topics will be covered separately)
      • Advertising (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Content creation
      • Blog articles
      • Assets (images, logos, infographics)

The list can go on indefinitely, depending on your niche and your expertise.

You don't have to master them all at first, you can go ahead and do the basics first, which is covered in the 30 day challenge materials.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing can be highly profitable, provided you're experienced in it enough, and are able to master the competencies required.


Next up, the CPA offer.

CPA offers stand for Cost-Per-Acquisition offers, which basically mean you can direct your traffic to a certain offer and once you have traffic that does what the offer wants (typically it's an email lead) you will get paid by the company. It is also a subset of affiliate marketing.

Actually, CPA marketing offers are actually one of the oldest ways people used to make money, and for now, it'st still a good way for people to start, but not one of the most popular, especially with the advent of other forms of marketing, which will be discussed later.

Generally, CPA marketing is often paired with affiliate marketing, and internet marketing. This is perhaps one of the truest ways to make money online - and of course, hitting $100 per day online.

I placed CPA offers last because it requires several of the topics above - a proper WordPress site that can convert visitors into leads [article link here], an email system set up [article link here], as well as knowledge in SEO and keyword research [link here], alongside knowledge of running ads [article link here]

Why CPA marketing

As such, this certainly doesn't mean its the worst ways to make $100 a day online, but if the right high paying affiliate programs and the top CPA networks are selected, this method can actually net you far more than $100 per day online. In fact, there are affiliates who actually make more than $10,000 a day!

cpa network earnings snapsho

Develop the right skills, and your lifetime earnings can be that high soon too!

But the topic of CPA marketing is far too big a topic to cover here - check out the free course that is available for you, you'll learn far more about what it is there.

I've also written a separate article on how to get approved for the CPA and other high paying affiliate programs here.


First off, the key advantage of starting out with CPA offers and CPA marketing in general, is that it's relatively easy to start, and easy to access some CPA networks.

It's easy to start in the sense that as long as you have a proper website and some traffic coming in, as well as an email system in place, it's fairly easy to write out an email to let your subscribers know about an offer that is of interest to them.

IMPORTANT: It's always vitally important to talk to your subscribers about offers and programs that are IN LINE WITH THEIR INTERESTS. More on that topic here.

As for the 'easy to access' part, access to some CPA networks are easier than others - while others are far more exclusive. There's an in-depth piece that i wrote about CPA networks and how you can gain access to some of them here.


In a certain way, having reliable access to the high paying affiliate programs can be seen as a disadvantage - because without them, the odds of reliably making more than $100 a day online is tougher.

But also in a way it's a good thing, because if you can learn to make $100 per day online with CPA offers, you most certainly by then will have the skill to scale up and be able to gain access to the higher paying CPA networks, since you already have a portfolio of what works in terms of CPA marketing (see how portfolio will always come up time and again in EVERY niche?)

Of course, another disadvantage is that it requires technical competencies that are beyond the scope of what this post will contain.

Like affiliate marketing, the competencies are similar, since CPA offers and marketing is a subset of affiliate marketing.

Some of the competencies that are required are as follows:

  • Skill in creating a WordPress site
  • Knowing about conversions, like:
    •  crafting proper landing pages
    • SEO and keyword research

    • Crafting email systems that convert
      • A subset is also to learn how to write emails that convert
    • Copywriting

    • Skill in spreading your content

      • Guest posting (for both exposure AND SEO - these topics will be covered separately)
      • Advertising (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Content creation

      • Blog articles
      • Assets (images, logos, infographics)

Again, the list can go on indefinitely, depending on your niche and your expertise.

But don't let this scare you! Again, you don't have to do them all at once - you can achieve things one by one, and get the subsystems online first 🙂

In short, CPA marketing is a fairly advanced topic to wrap your head around, but once you understand it have skill over the prerequisite tasks, it becomes quite easy to understand and master 🙂


Selling your own course is one of the pinnacles in the world of making money online, and with enough volume, you'll certainly be able to earn more than $100 a day online.

Basically, if you've ever been onto platforms like Udemy or coursera, you've seen people selling their own courses.

Online courses have slowly crept up in terms of popularity compared to say, university - because online courses, especially udemy online courses, teach topics that are very SPECIFIC to what people want to learn, which gives them an edge in terms of depth of knowledge.

udemy course page example

udemy course page

In fact, online courses are so popular that even schools are hosting their classes on it, and have been recommending extra-curricular courses for students who want to deepen their knowledge on a certain topic.

Outside of academia and school, online courses are relevant to the workplace as well - most tech and IT companies like Google advocate their employees using platforms like Pluralsight and Udemy to further their industry knowledge to create better products and software for the end users to enjoy.

For those who want to be self employed, there are courses as well - how to grow your own blog, how to get more traffic to view your posts, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

So is the opportunity.

This means that if you do create a course for people in your field, your knowledge could benefit thousands of people. which if done right, could net you $100 per HOUR, rather than making $100 per day.

gif of udemy courses

you can teach anything!

If you look slightly above at my topic on CPA offers, you'll see a link to my CPA mini course too - that is one way that people learn to become independent and make money (I don't make a dime on that course, because I want it to be free and an introduction to the world of affiliate marketing!)

Why Sell your own Course?

So, why sell your own course? simple.

You're skilled/an expert in a certain topic, and you want to share that information to the world, whilst putting food on your table. 

This is the truest form of monetizing your knowledge, and a great way to make more than $100 a day online.

The catch? You need to be skilled in your topic, or know things that people don't already know.


The biggest advantage is that it's YOUR course - therefore, you get to  determine what content goes into the course, and what remains exclusive.

Anther big plus point is that it is infinitely scalable - you don't have to recreate the course every time someone wants to purchase or view it.

Heck, you could even use your WordPress site to host courses for people to view!

If you're not feeling up to the effort of creating your course via that method, you could also easily host it on sites like udemy, where the pricing is also determined by you.

lifetime earnings of udemy course

popular courses can earn much more.

You could also use external platforms to teach, such as Teachable.

Either way, the scale + own pricing + great content = superior earning power, all while teaching people what you enjoy doing.


The biggest disadvantage to crafting your own course is.. Content, as well as personal branding.

Basically, it requires you to be extremely proficient in a certain market.

Take for example, the world of programming. There are thousands of excellent coders in the world, so what makes your content any different from the guy who just posted on YouTube for free?

In this case, sometimes being a teacher also requires you to have some amount of personal branding, achievement in the industry or just you being somewhat of a celebrity, which can make selling your courses much easier than if you were someone who is relatively an unknown.


Last but not least, you can also be a social media manager.

Basically, the title social media manager is exactly that - you manage someone else's social media. Most of the time, you'll be managing a company's social media, or even an influential person. It depends on the job


This also touches on being on social media itself - and it can also depend on your own following, hence 'Influencer-tier'. But i'll explain a little more later.

I left the social media manager method as the last way to make $100 a day online because... it's a bit of a gray area - it can be both easy and hard.

For example, in going with the topic of word of mouth marketing way above, it can be easy if you already have a sizable network capital. This makes being a freelance social media manager far easier than you'd think.

On the other hand, it can be hard, again, if you have a small, or no network to leverage. This goes back to both word of mouth marketing, as well as personal branding.

Also, being a social media manager requires you to be competent in several areas - including what has been posted above, and more:

  • Up to date knowledge of SEO

  • Very proficient in copywriting

  • Highly skilled in handling modern computers and technologies

  • Ironically, you need to know the current world of memes and modern pop culure, as well as old pop culture (anything up to from the fifties!)

  • Being skilled in the various social media manager tools, like the Facebook page manager, Twitter handles and Instagram managers.

This is also the reason why people say that the modern social media manager is a 'young person's job' - simply because it is a new type of job, for the modern world.

As such, if you're capable of all the above, you will know how to become a social media manager.

Now, all you need would be some personal branding and outreach of your skills.....

social media in chalk

There you have it - There are 7 BIG ways to make $100 a day online with these methods. Let me know which you think will work (or has worked) for you, and what you think?

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